It is that “Boo-tiful” time of year again at the Children’s Museum of … – WISH

Enter the Cursed Castle with caution—if you DARE! Head Witches Bis Feldmen and Mary Beth Reffett, of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, are fondly called the “Head Witches.” They’ve headed the entire Cursed Castle Haunted House from concept to execution!

Bis and Mary Beth chat with Amber about this HUGE effort and how planning started almost immediately following the closing of the previous Haunted House. PLUS… they give us their best “witch cackle!”

Cursed Castle (October 8-30, 2016)
Hear ye, hear ye! Burnadette the Dragon is guarding The Children’s Museum Guild’s 53rd Annual Haunted House—Cursed Castle. Through the centuries, many knights and

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